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Designed in Seattle. Hand Built in Seattle. Hand packed and Shipped directly to you.

Our family of speaker designs goes back over a decade. Every speaker is artisan quality, and truly one-of-a-kind. We have shipped speakers and accessories and provided long term customer service to people from all walks of life on all seven continents (including Antarctica!).

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The Orcas and Dungeness from Blumenstein Audio are fantastic, doing so many things incredibly well. If you’re looking for a small speaker system that not only plays way bigger than its size suggests, but one that truly captures the tonal richness locked away in your favorite recordings, you need to give these a listen.
— Jeff Dorgay, TONEAudio Magazine

Listening to these little speakers extremely near field, the soundstage is encapsulating – sorry, headphones just don’t do this.

CSN’s ‘Helplessly Hoping’ is magnificent, with all three vocalists clearly delineated, floating in front of my head – totally trippy. Crowded House’s “Whispers and Moans” is equally lush, with the speakers disappearing in a three-dimensional presentation that is totally stealthy.
— TONEAudio Magazine, March 2014