Startlingly good, Surprisingly affordable.  Designed and handcrafted in Seattle since 2006

Startlingly good, Surprisingly affordable.  Designed and handcrafted in Seattle since 2006

Our compact fullrange speaker designs are now 8 years in continuous production and have been shipped to happy customers on all seven continents.  Don’t let their looks fool you.  They have proven themselves time and again to be true high efficiency speakers, needing as little as 2 watts from an amplifier to bloom their entire wall of sound into a living room.  Alternatively, they can also work well with higher power amplification up to and beyond 100 watts available per channel, displaying even greater dynamic range.  

Being so easy to drive, our speaker designs possess the rare ability to make even an inexpensive amplification system or compromised source material sound good - or alternatively, they will also let you hear further into well sorted recordings and amplification than you might think possible.  

Blumenstein speakers produce an industry leading "holographic image” of a recording whenever speaker placement is carefully tuned to the room acoustics.  Or, alternatively, and conveniently, they will sound wonderful even in compromised or imperfect room placements, and will handle any musical genre with grace and honesty - making them the perfect choice for real world music appreciators' speakers.

And while they can be driven to easily fill a large listening space, their inherent purity of sound means that they can be enjoyed close up, at distances of less than an arm's length away, or at whisper quiet volume levels.  Our intent is to make the best all around, heirloom quality full range single driver speakers and accessories on the market, available for a reasonable price.


Demonstrations are available in our West Seattle showroom by appointment when you call in advance. Don't worry if it's short notice  you are always welcome to come by at your convenience.