Tuned for Beauty and Solidity.

Speakers, subwoofers, and audio accessories designed and hand made in Tacoma, Washington* by Clark Blumenstein.

Blumenstein Audio's family of speaker designs, including the Marlin, Orca, Triton, and Benthic models, incorporate more than a decade of experience and experimentation in wood joinery design and development for the sole purpose of optimizing single driver, full range speaker and passive subwoofer cabinets and drivers, as well as every other piece of a loudspeaker system. 

Being committed to the pursuit of minimalism - for the sake of maximum performance - is a unique approach in the speaker design community, but it actually an approach that is common to some of the most successful engineering efforts throughout history.  With over 14 total years in the niche of single driver full range audio loudspeaker manufacturing, We have a large sample size of feedback from our global clientele base about the performance, sound quality, and longevity.  We have also taken suggestions into account from our numerous enthusiastic followers whether they have bought our speakers or not.  

Getting the best balanced performance from the most effective, durable traditional speaker building materials with a traditional trial and error design approach ensures that every speaker we make is industry leading in terms of audio performance and their ability to communicate music - over the long haul. 

Even though our speakers and audio accessories are world renown by serious audiophiles, we have always taken a unique turn in our audio design approach to assure that all of our designs are endowed with the slightest bit of warmth in the inherent sound quality which is meant to let the music easily flow through beautifully even if there are cheap amplifiers, speaker wires, or poor speaker placement in your system.  Therefore, wherever you are on the quest for audio perfection, Blumenstein components are purist enough in construction quality to take your system to the next level with their uniquely nuanced type of acoustic performance.

To assure longevity, we are using traditional materials and old world build quality in every aspect of our speaker, cable, and audio accessory designs.  - Updated specific techniques and innovations in key places that were previously typically only found in much more expensive full range speaker based systems.  And a few of our speaker building innovations are our own unique discoveries, yet are practical practices for us to be able to implement into their daily production.

All of our full range speakers and passive subwoofers share the common design aspects of being internally braced, traditionally tuned, (Thiele-Small parameter design followed by trial and error micro-adjustments).  The Golden Ratio internal dimensions are maximally braced, minimally damped.  The plywood is solid wood core plywood only the veneer is the same thickness as the core material, which is generous.  These speaker cabinets that are driven by ultra lightweight, delicate, and thin-paper cone speaker / subwoofer drivers, with hard soldered internal connections.  This means that all of our loudspeakers (fullrange and sub) are inherently high efficiency passive stand alone speakers considering their physical footprint.  Our speakers are practical and easy to hook up to any type of speaker amplifier with excellent results - because our speakers are designed to be an easy, predictable load on any amplifier, always allowing your amplifier to sound its best. And if you need any advice or help, people are ready to take your call or email.


High Performance Compact Passive Subwoofers: Optionally, that same stereo amplifier's signal that feeds the fullrange speakers is also fed into an  external "outboard" subwoofer amplifier via low level or high level inputs.  This external outboard subwoofer amplifier is then connected with a single speaker wire, like our Waterline Cable Mainsheet speaker cable to bring power to our passive subwoofer - the Benthic Bass Unit.  This convenient to hook up and tune to a room passive subwoofer / Outboard subwoofer amplifier feature is unique in the audio industry at this price point.  And also consider that we are providing and testing for top build quality of all components that we touch.  This separation of subwoofer amplifier from subwoofer cabinet, just like a stand alone loudspeaker, isolates the strong mechanical vibrations of the subwoofer driver from the sensitive subwoofer amplifier electronics, allowing the electronics to sound their best, and to be the most reliable because they are not being shaken to little bits.  The separate cabinet provides a more natural sounding upper bass region because of the fully acoustic subwoofer cabinet, just like the Full Range cabinet that it is matched to.

 Inside these maxed out strength to weight ratio speaker enclosures is a slightly tweaked version of the same solid Douglas Fir internal bracing and specialized, tuned damping materials that we had initially developed for use in speeding up the response of our full range speakers in early 2016.  This acoustic cohesiveness between the subwoofer cabinet and full range cabinet unlocks untold performance and detail resolution in the bass region - and is a natural, powerful sound quality that carries equally well in large or small rooms.  

It is possible to own a nearly "All Blumenstein" loudspeaker system including sand filled floor stands, wall mounts, hand soldered cables, wooden component plinths.  And each of our components are designed to work together as an electronically, acoustically, mechanically optimized system.  Yet, any individual Blumenstein component will be enjoyed immensely for the way that it unlocks the performance of a more typical stereo or home theater system composed of several different brands.  Any piece of our gear is designed to work as a great teammate inside other systems, and every component added on the way towards a fully optioned out Blumenstein system is designed to bring depth to your musical experience. 


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A Message from Clark Blumenstein, company founder, lead designer/builder:

Set up your Blumenstein stereo and dance, listen seriously, or just sit back in socks and sandals and enjoy the calm ambiance. Find yourself happily enjoying the music.

We have safely shipped audio gear to people from all walks of life on every continent (Antarctica included).

Our audio designs stand apart from the techno-mill of endless hype. We build small pieces that are dense in quality. Our designs are obvious to use and timelessly simple in aesthetic and long term maintenance. Their goal is to give back to you over the long haul. With care, the speakers and audio accessories you’ve purchased from us are designed to bring musical enjoyment to your household for 50+ years. Enjoy!

Jeff Dorgay, TONEAudio Magazine on the Orca 3" Fullrange:

Listening to these little speakers extremely near field, the soundstage is encapsulating – sorry, headphones just don’t do this.

CSN’s ‘Helplessly Hoping’ is magnificent, with all three vocalists clearly delineated, floating in front of my head – totally trippy. Crowded House’s “Whispers and Moans” is equally lush, with the speakers disappearing in a three-dimensional presentation that is totally stealthy...

...The Orcas and Dungeness from Blumenstein Audio are fantastic, doing so many things incredibly well. If you’re looking for a small speaker system that not only plays way bigger than its size suggests, but one that truly captures the tonal richness locked away in your favorite recordings, you need to give these a listen.