Subwoofer Combo Pack

Subwoofer Combo Pack

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Here to make your life easier, this Benthic subwoofer package will compliment any speaker arrangement.

This rig will take care of your speakers’ additional bass support needs. The Benthic Subwoofer integrates seamlessly with all models of Blumenstein speakers. Each independent piece of equipment you would receive is designed to transmit the highest quality bass when working together.

You will receive:

  • a 5 1/4” Benthic Subwoofer

  • an Outboard Subwoofer Amplifier

  • two 4 foot Anchor Chain cable

Every sound system has unique needs. If you would like to walk us through what gear you are working with, we would be happy to direct you to the best subwoofer and subamp solution. Feel free to email or call 206 407 8439.

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Sub Amp:
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Subamp recommendations:

  • With Orcas or Marlins, recommended power input is the 25-Watt Outboard subwoofer amplifier. 

  • With Tritons, the recommended power input is the 70-watt Outboard subwoofer amplifier.

  • I recommend using an isolation plinth with your Benthic subwoofer for optimal results with room loading.

Typically, I recommend solid copper pin terminations for Anchor Chain cables to assure compatibility with bi-wiring from either the banana plugs of your stereo amplifier or from the backs of the full range speakers.

Banana plug termination options are available for maximum cross platform compatibility and total flexibility with your biwiring hookups - especially to be able hookup any subwoofer amplifier from any other brand in a better sounding, more convenient way!