Heavy Duty Wall Mount

Heavy Duty Wall Mount

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The Blumenstein heavy duty wall mount is useful for an immense variety of purposes. This wall mount design is just a simple, minimalist, yet strong "L" bracket brought to a fine finish, just like the speakers. The hole in the bottom of the L is for either a seamless pass through, or tie off of the speaker wire to provide safety in strain relief from the back of the speaker, in demanding severe service environments.  

While there are many commercially available wall mounts out there, the heavy duty wall mount design pays careful attention to the mechanical and acoustic needs and potential variety of wall mounting situations in which people will need a premium solution that matches their Blumenstein speakers.  Wall mounts and Blumenstein speakers can potentially work almost anywhere, even in either extremely humid or extremely arid semi-outdoor environments (like covered patios or greenhouses).  

Also available for the heavier Triton model (order the 1.5" thick version).   The 1.5" version is very beefed up from the photo you see here with the Orca speakers.

I do not make a "two-tone" wall mount. I recommend opting for natural bamboo Ply accessories to pair with a two-tone speaker cabinet. A caramelized wall mount would also look great, however, if a darker overall color is desired (to match a dark colored wall, for instance).