Bottlehead Corporation Wooden Amplifier Base

Bottlehead Corporation Wooden Amplifier Base

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Current production status of wooden bases is two months fulfillment time.

3/4” thickness, strong stainless steel screws, vented birch plywood bottom plate, Isolation feet. Safely contains your Bottlehead plate amp chassis inside the wooden base. Meant to give a finished look to your Bottlehead projects.

This is an updated, 2018 design of the popular birch plywood, bamboo ply, or solid hardwood upgrade bases for Bottlehead Corporation speaker and headphone amplifiers.

Once ordered, your wooden base is made from scratch to match your Bottlehead amplifier project visually to your other Blumenstein speakers and Seamount audio furniture. I am a long time fan of Bottlehead Corporation gear and I have used their SET (Single Ended Triode) amplification products at critical points in my audio systems for years. More information about Bottlehead amplifier kits can be found at

Many Blumenstein clients use Bottlehead amplifiers, so the wooden bases have been a natural outgrowth of the community level collaboration.

Ships worldwide from Seattle, WA.

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Quick note: Bottlehead Corp. actually offers a rebate on their website should you choose to opt out of the alder wood base that comes stock with each Bottlehead kit. You can instead use that money towards the purchase of a Blumenstein wooden base instead - just notify them that you do not want their wooden base during the time of checkout from their website in order to receive the rebate.

To select a Blumenstein wooden base, just choose the wood option you'd like and then write the Bottlehead amplifier model you’ve got in the additional information form that pops up during checkout.  

I have kept the prices of these gorgeous wooden amp bases very affordable through these years as a service to the longstanding support my company has gotten from the Bottlehead community. Thanks, Dan and Eileen, and thanks team Bottlehead!

Important note: Bottlehead products almost exclusively come in the form of electronics kit projects that take several hours to solder together. But (!) Bottlehead does also offer a complete assembly/testing/repair service from their tech. So if you aren’t a skilled solderer, no worries, you can still join in the Bottlehead tube amp party. They will hook you up!