The Thrashers: TONEAudio Magazine Review

A little known secret is that the Pacific Northwest—our verdant corner of the world—is home to a number of acclaimed and well-established audio companies, manufacturers, and organizations. TONEAudio Magazine's publisher resides in Vancouver, Washington, and we're thrilled to claim such a well-curated and down-to-earth publication centered around audio—and the love of music!

Recently, we sent a pair of our Thrasher industrial series speakers to Tone Audio.  Knowing our own long history of having fun with our own sets of Thrashers and knowing that the sets of them installed around local businesses are still being enjoyed, we felt confident that they would be accepted on some level.  But we were surprised (and honored, of course) at just how much of a chord they struck with the publisher, Jeff Dorgay. In his Publisher's Letter that opens the magazine, he writes: 

The landscape of audio is changing, that’s for sure. And while many of those my age and older long for the day when there was a stereo store on every corner, that’s just not the way it is anymore. You don’t have to engage in “deep listening” sessions to enjoy music and you don’t have to have a mega system or an entire record collection of first-stamper British pressings. Though these things will continue to strike my fancy, it’s fun to get back to basics. If you don’t have a system like this, I highly suggest getting one, to see just how much fun music can truly be when you aren’t sweating the details.

The kids are alright; they love music and fun just as much as we do—if not more than we did back in the good ol’ days. I for one am excited to see what cool stuff they come up with in the not-so-distant future. I’m betting it will be a lot of fun.

Fun is something that goes into all of our designs. Another focus of ours is versatility. We want quality musical reproduction to take center stage in the home, be it in your living, bedroom, office, or your garage / shop. Enter the Thrashers. In the latest issue of TONEAudio, Mark Marcantonio reviews our industrial shop speakers in the magazine's '995: Sound that won't Break the Bank' section.

One of the signs of a mature audiophile is whether they have a true garage system—not the wife’s old Lloyd’s faux-wood tuner/record player/cassette, but an actual receiver, disc player and speakers. Chances are the electronics are at least 20 years old, but the true pride is often in the speakers. Placement usually either involves a couple of L-brackets or, for the more adventurous, eyehooks and some length of chain. It can be problematic when the speakers are needed for an outdoor event away from the garage/workspace. I would not recommend taking your home speakers to the park gazebo.

Out of this madness comes Blumenstein Audio with what may be the most useful, multi-purpose and durable solution, the aptly named Thrashers.

To read the rest of the review, download TONEAudio Magazine's Issue 65

In the publisher's note, Jeff Dorgay writes: "After auditioning the Thrashers with everything from an $88,000 pair of Pass Xs300s to my Sansui 771, I decided that I need them. Per [the reviewer's] suggestion, they are my new garage speakers. Rock on."

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