Good Design Trickles Up

We are looking forward to some upcoming scheduled build time on new Douglas Fir braced, Depth of Field Enhanced, Blumenstein Audio Feastrex cabinets, geared towards the new (2015) Beta cone (elliptical whizzer cone) Feastrex drivers. We'll be pulling out all the stops on these. Commercially, cabinets like these (and other side projects) will be available as custom built units.

Yet, the Feastrex cabinets are merely getting the same cabinet making technology that makes the Marlin, Orca, Triton, and Benthic production models of ours so special. Funny, how our technology actually needs to "trickle up" from our daily drivers to improve our higher end custom models. We've learned our best production and sound making techniques from the daily production and R&D of our value engineered models that we sell in our online store.