Pioneering natural materials in full-range driver based speaker systems since 2006. 

Full-range speakers, passive subwoofers, and external subwoofer amplifiers are all it takes to plug in a stereo amplifier and get the full audible spectrum. Hand made Waterline audio cables are crucial for maximum performance.

Speakers as lightweight as 2.5 lbs each and as heavy as 45 lbs each. Ranges in priorities towards either low volume (old style Orca full range speaker) all the way up to extreme volume levels with the Octopus Array HiFi/PA system.


Updated online store - 9/2018

  • Octopus 4x8" full range array HiFi/PA system released after 12 years of development.

  • Marlin Full-range options in ultra-thin 6mm, thin 9mm, medium 12mm Birch plywood and 13mm Bamboo.

  • Orca (Normal) Full-range options in thin 9mm and medium 12mm Birch plywood and 13mm Bamboo.

  • Orca Special Full-range options are available only in thick 18mm Birch plywood and 19mm Bamboo.

  • Benthic Bass Unit 5 1/4" passive subwoofer options in thick 18mm Birch plywood and 19mm Bamboo.

  • Slightly evolved Triton 8" large bookshelf speakers enter 8th year of regular production.

  • More cable length options for all models of handmade Waterline Speaker cable, RCA-minijack cable, RCA cable, and subwoofer amplifier input cable. Custom lengths by special request.

  • Sonic performance upgrade kit (Depth of Field kit) for Blumenstein full-range or subwoofer speaker cabinets produced since 2006. Added an upgrade kit for the now discontinued Fostex full-range based Cain & Cain Audio speaker cabinets. Added an upgrade kit for Feastrex full-range based cabinets (Blumenstein Uni, Feastrex F60, and DIY cabinet projects).

Performance Audio in Modern Spaces

Set up your Blumenstein stereo and dance, listen seriously, or just sit back in your favorite chair and enjoy the calm ambiance. Find yourself happily enjoying the music.

Through the lens of an audio/music historian, I’ve carefully sought out the core engineering lessons from each major era of audio technology. Specifically, I would consider my audio design approach to be a synthesis of the two “golden eras” in audio history.

1930’s early American high-efficiency high fidelity now meets the miniaturization era of 1970’s Japanese “ultra-fi” audio design inside a Blumenstein loudspeaker or audio cable. In my own style, I have incorporated acoustic instrument building techniques in ways that are specifically tailored for high-efficiency speaker cabinets that need to be responsive enough for the kinds of challenging music made in the 21st century and beyond. Form follows function. I have chosen natural materials for every part that is possible to assure maximum longevity of my speakers’ groundbreaking performance - especially in terms of detail retrieval at low to medium volume levels.

Blumenstein Audio’s ongoing independent research into an extensive variety of simulation environments includes a survey of both digital simulation programs as well as numerous real world acoustic environments.

Every day production details are rounded out with a variety of traditional acoustic instrument building techniques such as solid wood, hand chiseled douglas fir internal braces, traditional (pre-industrial style) wood joinery and wood finish products.

Over the past 11 years, I’ve shipped my gear to music appreciators on every continent (Antarctica included). My audio designs stand apart in solidarity from the mass techno-mill of endless hype. Traditionally wired speaker designs are obvious to use and timelessly simple in aesthetic and long term maintenance.

The goal of my gear is to give back to you over the long haul. With basic care, the speakers and audio accessories you’ve purchased from me are going to bring musical enjoyment to your household for generations. Enjoy!
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