New for Model Year 2016 

To mark roughly 10 years in the business, we began shipping an entirely upgraded sound system design platform for model year 2016. People who have been following our brand for a while know that we really are careful product designers who do not make the flavor of the month.

All dimensions have subtly changed to fit our updated cabinet design formulae.  Also, all plywood used in our re-tuned speaker and subwoofer enclosures is now 3/4" thick, and the internal bracing has been correspondingly redesigned to be even stronger and is now shaped to be better sounding in terms of internal reflections within the cabinet.  

The new sound quality is even more delicately yet powerfully voiced, balanced in timbre, with infinite depth in the midrange and substantially more and better bass energy that is now fully synergistic and driving for the music.  

Our designs have also become more ergonomic as beautiful household furniture.

Most recognizably, these new models are marked by the new "BLUMENSTEIN" brand on the front of the speaker, which is now from a new wood burning iron - a significant upgrade over the prior use of a rubber stamp and heat lamp.  

The sonic improvements that our new products have been given are due to numerous upgrades given to the tools used on our production line, higher end parts used inside the speakers, and tighter methods of assembly that were recently developed.  

Most notably we have upgraded our saws, soldering tools, soldering techniques, and solder. For the speaker internals, a number of upgrades were given - especially the fact that we are now using new high performance minimalist damping materials that are now made in house (time consuming to make, and tiny, but effective!).  

In our woodwork and joinery, there is a new, curved profile given to the updated arrangement of our locally sourced, in-house milled Douglas Fir internal braces that serve as the skeleton of all our enclosure designs now - giving an even greater strength to weight ratio, and a mixture of curved surfaces, spaces, and angles - which is the ideal environment for shaping the standing waves inside the cabinets to give a new, more cohesive, clearer and deeper voice to our sound systems.  New, larger, vibration absorbing feet inspired from high end skateboard wheels are now used on the bottom of all our cabinets and heavy components. New custom sourced sturdy black mounting hardware is used to mount all speaker drivers. Finally, improved sandpaper and finish product applicators top off the list of major upgrades to our regular production items.

-The New Benthic Bass Unit Subwoofer design

The Blumenstein Benthic Bass Unit, is an especially improved model - as we are now using ideal golden ratio enclosure proportions - to voice the small, but important amount of lower midrange that the subwoofer makes.  The Benthic Bass Unit is an acoustically pure passive subwoofer design - without any unneeded internal chambers - powered by a significantly upgraded, Neodymium magnet subwoofer driver and a New Modular Outboard Subwoofer amplifier.  

FAQ -  Yes, we realize that the New Benthic Bass Unit driver looks 100% identical to the Ferrite magnet driver we used in our prior Dungeness subwoofer model but we assure you that the new driver does in fact have a new Neodymium magnet and sounds like a different speaker - much larger, significantly more powerful, yet even more detailed, subtle, and chameleon-like than the Dungeness or Orca Sub that we made prior to 2016.  

 - The Octopus and Hydra series/parallel line array cables were added to our lineup to allow the use of multiple subwoofers and/or multiple full range speakers for highest end Modular Blumenstein systems.  

 - The ultra high quality Hammock Line RCA-> Minijack cable was finally added to our lineup in December.  This exciting new product is a wired remote control for your audio system from your favorite device.