Speakers as lightweight as 2.5 lbs each and as heavy as 45 lbs each. Ranges in priority towards either low volume (old style Orca full range speaker) all the way up to extreme volume levels with the Octopus Array HiFi/PA system.

Updated online store - 9/2018

  • Octopus 4x8" full range array HiFi/PA system released after 12 years of development.

  • Marlin Full-range options in ultra-thin 6mm, thin 9mm, medium 12mm Birch plywood and 13mm Bamboo.

  • Orca (Normal) Full-range options in thin 9mm and medium 12mm Birch plywood and 13mm Bamboo.

  • Orca Special Full-range options are available only in thick 18mm Birch plywood and 19mm Bamboo.

  • Benthic Bass Unit 5 1/4" passive subwoofer options in thick 18mm Birch plywood and 19mm Bamboo.
  • Slightly evolved Triton 8" large bookshelf speakers enter 8th year of regular production.
  • More cable length options for all models of handmade Waterline Speaker cable, RCA-minijack cable, RCA cable, and subwoofer amplifier input cable. Custom lengths by special request.
  • Sonic performance upgrade kit (Depth of Field kit) for Blumenstein full-range or subwoofer speaker cabinets produced since 2006. Added an upgrade kit for the now discontinued Fostex full-range based Cain & Cain Audio speaker cabinets. Added an upgrade kit for Feastrex full-range based cabinets (Blumenstein Uni, Feastrex F60, and DIY cabinet projects).