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From advice on the type of amp, to speaker placement, to just talking me through the offerings, thank you Clark.  [Your customer service has] been fantastic. The craftsmanship and service are second to none. I absolutely love my new Orca Deluxe's and Dungeness (called the Benthic) sub.  For me they are a piece or art that will live in my house as long as I do. My only concern now is what am I going to buy from them next. -Tom, on BH Forum

Love my Orcas! They are truly suburb loudspeakers. They hold themselves against my Harbeths, and in some areas (immediacy) exceed them. Very impressed. Right now I'm playing them with a 45W Conrad Johnson EL34 integrated. Beautiful. [Clark has] achieved a wonderful balance in these speakers - I find that exceedingly rare, even among the big boys.Voices sound REAL. -Greg K.  February 2019

"I first found Clark when I was looking for some higher efficiency speakers to pair with a low-powered tube amplifier. From my first inquiry through every purchase since, they have been nothing short of wonderful. Admittedly, I can be a difficult customer...I ask a million questions and my standards for the finished product couldn't be any higher. I own a pair of Orca loudspeakers, a pair of Dungeness subwoofers, Blumenstein speaker cable, desktop stands, and amplifier bases for my Bottlehead electronics. The quality of all of these items has been first-rate. I can attach all the usual superlatives to the sound of these speakers, but for me the real story is the amazing customer service and attention to every detail. When I received my latest amplifier base it appeared that they decided to move to slightly different isolation feet. They not only included the proper number of feet for the base they just shipped, but they sent me enough feet for the two other bases they had made me over the past months. It is hard to find this kind of commitment to an excellent purchase experience!"- John R., Indiana

"[The Orcas are] the highlight of my day! Coming home to enjoy the clarity and depth these gorgeous statement pieces bring to my music, movies, hell even the news, is just phenomenal! First and foremost they are STUNNING, the craftsmanship is second to none, and will peak the interest of non audio fans alike, their awesome finish and attention to detail is bested only by their performance, which in turn is bested only by the extraordinary level of service and warm regard extended by Blumenstein Audio.

I have on order pretty much everything they make, and should they extend their range, I will order those too!!! Simply dealing with them via email is a breath of fresh air and sheer pleasure. Their work is second to none, the perfect embellishment to your Eames era console or shaggy rug, and pair effortlessly with any DAC and amp you can throw at them, with a special sweet spot when driven by tube.

Don't buy anything else dummy, life's too short for regret and mass produced plastic and veneer. Get the surprisingly affordable-best, and make some new friends while you're at it." -Adrian, Australia

“If you’re looking for a small speaker system that not only plays way bigger than its size suggests, but one that truly captures the tonal richness locked away in your favorite recordings, you need to give these a listen.

With the Orcas on the desktop between a computer monitor and the Dungeness tucked well under the desk, out of sight, it’s easy to forget that there is even a sub in the system, it integrates so well. Listening to these little speakers extremely near field, the soundstage is encapsulating – sorry, headphones just don’t do this.

CSN’s ‘Helplessly Hoping’ is magnificent, with all three vocalists clearly delineated, floating in front of my head – totally trippy. Crowded House’s “Whispers and Moans” is equally lush, with the speakers disappearing in a three-dimensional presentation that is totally stealthy.” - Jeff Dorgay, TONEAudio Magazine March 2014


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