Historic/Discontinued Speaker Models

Orca Deluxe (in Chocolate finish offering) 

While it is a great looking shade of bamboo, the higher temperatures it takes to "cook" a sheet of natural bamboo all the way to the chocolate color makes the fibers within the sheets too brittle for our extremely tear-out-sensitive joinery method, which made orders take longer to fill because we were having to make too many attempts to get perfect joinery for just the chocolate bamboo orders. 

The currently still active material offerings of Natural, Caramelize, or Two-Tone Bamboo Ply, or Birch Plywood Orcas (now, just called "Orcas") are made in 3/4" wall thickness and are able to be joined and then polished flawlessly day in, day out in our workshop with no/extremely little tearout.  We use top quality USA made saw blades and premium architectural grade bamboo and birch plywoods.  

Orca "Classic" 3" Fullrange

The Orca "Classic", made of 1/2" bamboo and birch, were our most established design with over eight years of refinement, and are the original groundbreaking music makers that put our company on the map. 

In early 2015, we decided that our designs needed to move forward and that we would replace the 1/2" Orca Classics permanently with the 3/4" Caramelized, Natural, or Birch Orcas. If you already own 1/2" Orca Classics and wish to trade up to 3/4" Orca cabinets, then just get in touch with us.

Mako/Mola 5" Fullrange


Mako 5" Floorstander

Designed as semi-compact loudspeakers for medium to extreme power handling from a 5" single driver, the Makos were our ultimate offering until the Douglas Fir cabinet bracing technology we invented for the Orca Mini (now Marlin) design was put into the Orca and eventually Triton enclosures.  The sound improvements were disproportionally slanted to the Triton, Orca, and Marlin models and the Mako/Mola models were barely improved.  Additionally, we realized that the large, heavy cabinets were too unwieldy for us to make by hand with our joinery method.

Our newer, smaller, modular sound system and cabinet design platform (Nov. 2015), has now superseded the sound quality of all our previous Mako offerings.  Our new, smaller cabinets can more effectively be mechanically isolated from neighboring components and each other with our new vibration absorbing cabinet feet.   

If you currently own Mako speakers and wish to accessorize your system, then please refer to our current offerings for subwoofers, and cables.   Our new Seamount Speaker stands and Plinths can be custom sized for the larger mako Fullrange or Floorstander cabinets.  If you are interested, just get in touch!

Historic Subwoofers

DUNGENESS - active

The Dungeness Classic, Deluxe, and Max were a series of active subwoofers with 25 watt amplifiers that we produced between 2013 and 2015.  Our customers have enjoyed these amazing, compact high efficiency subwoofers, but over time we were asked to make an "ultimate" sound quality, even more compact, more powerful option, which is where our Benthic Bass Unit design has come in.  Everything we have learned from the Dungeness filtered into the new Benthic Bass Unit subwoofer design.

Orca Sub - passive

The Orca Sub was a passive subwoofer unit shaped to slip comfortably amongst furniture and sound great.  We liked many things about the Orca Sub, but ultimately, we moved on to the more compact shape of the Dungeness. The passive Orca sub too, has fed into the design of the new, passive Benthic Bass Unit, which far surpasses the performance of either the earlier passive Orca Sub or active Dungeness Models.  

A message to Early Blumenstein owners:

If you are a legacy customer, and bought some of our speakers or even some of our earlier RCA cables back in the day when they were (still) being made sustainably out of a lawnmower shed in Walla Walla, WA in 2006 and were being delivered locally by bicycle trailer, then firstly, we thank you with all our hearts.  The business, in terms of tools, designs, and techniques has come a long way since those days, but the drive to innovate is steady and stronger.  Some of our earliest clients still come back to us as repeat customers and we feel very fortunate to be able to keep innovating and improving upon what is now a tried and true minimalist design platform.  Thank you to everyone so far who has supported our quest for the ultimate single driver loudspeaker and high end, ergonomic, environmentally sensitive audio designs for our clients.  May the next 10 years allow us to continue to proliferate good quality.

The Audio Bazaar

As designers, it is necessary for us to keep a small library of older and newer used gear of our own make and of other makers.  We periodically move along some piece or another to make room for newer components.  We don't always have time to formally list this stuff online, so just get in touch with us and let us know what your needs are and there is a chance we might have something we could part with!  We are also generally open to gear trades as well - especially if they are items that were already on our wish list!   Info@blumensteinaudio.com

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