Outboard Subwoofer Amplifier

Outboard Subwoofer Amplifier

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Unique shape - fits anywhere, looks beautiful from any angle.

New!  We are now also offering a budget-friendly ultra compact 6" x 6" x 4" cube fitted with a low power 25 Watt Dayton amplifier (for use with Orcas or Marlins plus Baby Benthic) for just $125!  Or, optionally, you can opt for the 70 watt amplifier in the drop down menu if you are looking for higher volumes and/or stronger bass response.

Price is for a single unit.  

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60 day in-home audition, 1 year warranty

Basic, no fuss, bi-wired speaker-level inputs or RCA inputs - your choice.

Mono subwoofer driven with speaker level inputs: (2.1) Purchase one Outboard Subwoofer Amplifier (25 or 70 watt) 2 lengths of our Anchor Chain input cable to drive this sub amp’s inputs and also one length of Mainsheet cable to connect the single 5 1/4” Benthic Bass Unit passive subwoofer.

Stereo subwoofers, speaker level inputs: (2.2) Purchase Two Outboard Subwoofer Amplifiers, two lengths of Anchor Chain input cable, and two lengths of Mainsheet Speaker Cable for two Benthic Bass Unit passive subwoofers.

The speaker-level input method with our specialized Anchor Chain cables does not affect the sound of your full range speakers.

RCA inputs can also be used to excellent effect, and we recommend our Bowline RCA cable for this connection method in that case, substitute two lengths of Bowline RCA for the Anchor Chain cables in the above suggested setups.

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Amplifier Option:
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Passive design, and an isolating subwoofer amplifier chassis: 

We have been using various Dayton subwoofer amplifiers for 7 years now, and they are known for good reliability and sound quality.  These factors are both enhanced when the subwoofer amplifier is mechanically isolated from the subwoofer cabinet in its own separate outboard chassis.  We now use low durometer urethane feet (like on our new speakers) to accomplish the task of damping out unwanted vibrations and resonances that make it to the wooden chassis. 

Subwoofer Amplifier Option 1 -

Dayton SA 25 is a basic, budget-friendly subwoofer amplifier in an ultra compact 6"x6"x6" lighweight wooden cube (in your choice of our finishes).  The 25 Watt amp is only typically recommended for use with the Marlins or Orcas.  For the Tritons, the 75 watt Dayton is the minimum power and optimal crossover point recommended.  Furthermore, for the ultimate Orca or Marlin experience, the 75W Dayton or is recommended as an upgrade over the new budget friendly 25 Watt Dayton model.

Subwoofer Amplifier Option 2 -

Dayton 70 Watt Class AB Solid State monoblock subwoofer amplifier - This is a tried and true high quality, reliable, heavy-duty subwoofer amplifier that gives almost triple the power output of the 25-watt standard subwoofer amplifier. It is a perfect match for a single or dual subwoofer in a high fidelity environment. 


The Outboard Subwoofer Amplifier is a single subwoofer amplifier (Dayton SA70 or Dayton SA25) mounted in our Birch Ply or Bamboo Ply chassis and hardwired to a set of binding posts on the back. The setup facilitates the hookup of one passive woofer cabinet like our Baby Benthic Bass Unit.  Input cabling accepts either speaker level (Anchor Chain Cable recommended) or line level (Bowline RCA cable recommended) inputs.

These binding posts outputs of the subwoofer amplifier are then wired with a single length of conventional speaker wire like our Mainsheet speaker cable to the passive subwoofer cabinet like the Baby Benthic Bass Unit.    

Can I feed this amp with a single RCA cable from the back of my preamp or home theater receiver?  

The answer is yes if you are running this subwoofer in a home theater or active studio monitor type situation.  

Hooking up a Single subwoofer amplifier/passive subwoofer to a typical high fidelity 2 channel system

Feeding the subwoofer amplifier with a stereo speaker level input via Anchor Chain cables or Bowline RCA cables is critical for the optimal performance of the active crossover circuitry of the Dayton SA70 or SA25.

A note about using Dual Mono subwoofers- When two passive subwoofers are being used, one or two Outboard Subwoofer Amplifiers are needed.   in the case of two subwoofer amplifiers, each subwoofer amplifier will have only one of its input channels being fed by one anchor chain cable plugged into the right channel of the high-level input on each subwoofer amplifier.