Bowline RCA Interconnect Cable

Bowline RCA Interconnect Cable

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The Bowline RCA cable is designed to connect your Front (Bow) end (line) -DAC, CD player, FM/AM Tuner, or between your pre-amp and power amplifier.

Bowline RCA cables can be used for any type of RCA line level signal connection except for 

We know how competitive the audio cable business is.  We guarantee that the Bowline RCA will improve the quality of any RCA connection in your system or your money back!

Also available in custom lengths, or in extra long lengths.  Email to inquire.


  • Terminated on both ends with Neutrik RCA connectors.
  • Legendary historic 1960's cable design, newly manufactured as swiss professional studio analog low level signal cable.  OFC conductors.
  • Ultra flexible velvet matte non light reflecting PVC jacket.
  • Soldering is done with a professional soldering station  
  • Careful, time consuming soldering technique to assure the best connection quality possible.
  • Lengths are cut slightly generous which is our common practice
  • 60 day in-home audition, 1 year warranty

Price is for a single cable.  (Order two pieces for a stereo pair).  

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One of the biggest issues we resolved on our search for an RCA connector was ergonomics.  Most RCA plugs are too large and chunky to allow vintage or miniature audio components to be hooked up with RCA's.  Conveniently, the Neutrik RCA connectors we have chosen will fit great even when inserted into the sometimes frustratingly narrowly spaced RCA jacks on many vintage electronic components.  As enthusiasts of both new and old audio components, this turned out to be a feature that we simply had to include.  Also, Minimalist plugs have low capacitance by nature.  

The Neutrik jacks we have chosen for this connection are durable, simple, sound phenomenal, and are repairable/easily replaceable over the long haul in the unlikely event that they are ever be damaged from abnormal wear and tear.