Hammock Line Stereo Minijack to RCA cable - Selected Lengths

Hammock Line Stereo Minijack to RCA cable - Selected Lengths

from 75.00

Price is for a single cable.  (only one is needed for each stereo system)  

Custom lengths also available (when ordered via email)

60 day in-home audition, 1 year warranty


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The Hammock Line is an exciting new "analog remote control" for your stereo!

The Hammock line is an 1/8th inch Minijack -> RCA cable (soon will also be available as a Mini->Mini cable) intended for wiring your portable devices to your stereo - without removing them from their cases or hassling with glitchy "flavor of the month" wireless connection technologies.   

We offer long and even custom lengths of this Mini->RCA cable for economical installations of any sort. 

The base cable is modern produced internal signal wiring used to restore legendary EMT studio magnetic tape and full sized phono machines from the 60's. The sound quality of this wire, even at long lengths, is extremely good.  Clark has extensive experience with this wire from his time apprenticing at Feastrex, helping his mentors when possible to keep their multiple EMT reference source components running properly.

The Hammock line has a laid back purpose.  Used properly, it will let you plug in, sit back, and relax into your HiFi experience.  You can control the whole show from your Hammock (or from the coffee table in front of the couch), with excellent, all analog signal quality.  Easily sharing media from your and/or your friends' devices without removing your device's case or pairing/un-pairing from cumbersome bluetooth networks.  

The simplicity and desirability of the Hammock cable is that it is high quality 1/8th inch stereo minijack plug mated to an extremely flexible, yet nearly bomb-proof-durable cable design and the same great sounding RCA plugs we use on our Bowline RCA cable.  

An old standard for the modern era A cable design like this isn't about grasping at the latest bells and whistles.  Its about maximizing the performance, convenience, utility, longevity and ergonomics of the components you already own by adding in the single missing higher quality physical component that needed to be there for the rest of your stereo to be able to sound its best.

The way we figure it, of all stereo-related digital and analog devices, it is probably the portable devices - and the integrated firmware that runs them - that will likely see the greatest proportional improvements in sound quality of any other mass market audio component over the next several years.  

Future Proof - We are betting that this simple, tried and true headphone jack to RCA cable that so many people currently already use to plug their devices into their stereos with will probably still be the most popular standard for most people's connection to their (real) stereo into the future.  

A high quality cable for this connection will only become more important to the sound quality and convenience of your future home stereo experiences as the quality of sound coming from our portable devices improves.  In other words, the investment of a higher quality cable for this rarely optimized connection will continue to accrue by improving the sound quality of your stereo in lock step with the ever increasing sound quality coming from the output stages of the ever newer, and still almost exclusively headphone-jack-output type portable devices.

So - suffice it to say, that if you need an RCA to stereo minijack cable, then look no further than our new Hammock Line! 

Hidden benefits -

-With a long hammock line, 15 or 25 feet or so, late at night, the stereo can truly be controlled from afar.  An alarm can be set, and the high quality stereo speakers will be the gentle alarm clock in the morning as well instead of "eeee-EEEE-eeee..."

- Minijack cable hookups are still a universal standard at almost any social gathering of music appreciators.