Depth of Field Enhancement Kit for Legacy Blumenstein Speakers (2006-2017)

Depth of Field Enhancement Kit for Legacy Blumenstein Speakers (2006-2017)

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The biggest little improvement.  

Available for any legacy Blumenstein speakers (2006-2017)

The only upgrade kit ever offered.

Included is all of the new, specially developed internal parts that are now outfitted standard inside the model year 2018 Blumenstein speaker cabinets* - Coral Acoustic Wave Breakers, (in-house designed and hand-made acoustic damping compounds - and the specific number of them is given to you per speaker model ordered), Hammerhead Binding Posts, and The Floating Speaker Driver mounting hardware system.

After installation is complete, your sound is going to subtly, but pleasantly come alive into an even more powerful focus than you ever thought possible from your Blumenstein speakers.  

This suite of upgrade parts is the culmination of all the careful considerations that I have developed as minor upgrades over years of trial and error in pursuit of tailoring and tuning the acoustic and electric properties of each of these internal speakers to produce a clearer, more powerful voice from the same cabinets and drivers.

There are now options for prior Thrasher 8" Full range and Orca Sub/Dungeness series of 6.5" subwoofers as well, outlined below.  

*The DOF upgrade kit is compatible with all prior bracing styles dating back to 2006. However, the DOF kit does not (and cannot) include the new Douglas fir internal braces that underpins the model year 2018 and moving forward for the: Marlins, Orcas, Tritons, and Benthic Bass Unit designs.

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Yes, these are indeed all of the main internal parts that now go into the regular production (model year 2018) Blumenstein loudspeakers. (Except for the locally sourced solid Douglas fir internal braces which are now glued in during construction)* 

To top it all off, I even throw in a set of the new soft urethane feet to replace the felt feet that originally came on the bottom of your pre-2017 Blumenstein Orca speakers - better controlling the transmission of the Orca speakers' mechanical vibrations into neighboring walls, furniture, audio components.

This makes a Blumenstein speaker that you already own even more of a hot rod - as they've now got more going on under the hood with the Hammerhead binding posts...and more "rubber meeting the road" in terms of additional in-room bass and full spectrum acoustic energy meeting the air from the improved damping materials.

 Coral Acoustic Wave Breakers (and necessary mounting adhesive) and The Floating Speaker Driver mounting hardware system help shape high-frequency resonances produced by the speakers and also, importantly, the Hammerhead Binding Posts (also included), allow full sonic and mechanical compatibility of the prior speaker models to the new Waterline Cable offerings.  

--The D.I.Y. kit comes with installation instructions, telephone, and email support.  

--The "Send them back in for upgrades" service means that you are responsible for boxing up and returning your speakers to me safely to mailing address: Blumenstein Audio 3314 Wallingford Ave N Seattle WA 98103.  I will then apply the upgraded treatments to your speakers. 

How to select your Legacy Blumenstein Speaker upgrade kit:

- 3" Full range Legacy Blumenstein upgrades (Orca, Orca Mini, Deluxe, Classic, Rear Mounted Driver) 

- 6.5" passive or active legacy Blumenstein Subwoofer upgrades for Orca Sub, Dungeness model variants.

I now sell a legacy Blumenstein subwoofer upgrade package.  I list this item as a Kit or Service per each single (1) subwoofer unit because many of my clients opted to purchase only a single Blumenstein subwoofer for use with their pair of Blumenstein Full Range Speakers, and in that case, you will only need a single set of upgrade parts for your single subwoofer. If you use a pair of two (2) Blumenstein Subwoofers, then please add two (2) as the quantity to your shopping cart for the subwoofer upgrade service or kit.  

The legacy Blumenstein subwoofer upgrade kit includes a set of binding posts so that you've turned it into a passive sub. If needed, the silicone is there to touch up any needed air seal to the internal birch ply amp box that I've already built inside my legacy active subwoofer models (I now only make passive subwoofers).

You can then relocate the original Dayton SA25 subwoofer amp chassis outside the subwoofer which gets connected by its own speaker wires like the new Benthic passive subs are hooked up.  

You can also then upgrade the sub amp of your Dungeness to one of the new Outboard Subwoofer Amplifiers, which includes a premium wooden chassis. If you would only like the wooden chassis for your dayton sub amplfier, email me for details on how to get one from me.

8" Thrasher upgrades

Now includes larger Coral Acoustic Wave Breakers and additional internal wiring to upgrade the internal wiring of the super tweeter.  The sound of upgraded, well broken-in Thrashers with the DOF kit can be surprisingly good.  

***Even if you have a pair of very early, rare, or custom Blumenstein speakers, I'll do my best to design a Depth of Field kit for the speakers that you already own. Just send me an email with a photo of your legacy Blumenstein speakers in their natural setting, and I'll send you a custom price quotation and guide you through the upgrade process.***

I've got you taken care of.