Non-Toxic Hand Rubbed Linseed Oil Sanding/Finishing Kit

Non-Toxic Hand Rubbed Linseed Oil Sanding/Finishing Kit


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  • 2 oz. (approx.) Tried & True Wood Finish

  • Polishing cloth

  • Varying grits of sandpaper

  • Instruction Sheet

Cabinet sanding and finishing kit is non-returnable once opened and used by the customer.  

Ships worldwide from Seattle, WA.

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The lustrous sheen of your Blumenstein speaker cabinets can be reinvigorated using this touch-up kit, which includes enough varnish oil for up to 2 additional coats on a pair of the largest cabinets - the Triton.  This cabinet finishing kit can also be used to finish up other small DIY woodworking projects.

This finish is non-toxic, food grade linseed oil and is easy and quick to apply in your home. Simple instructions are included. 

Often times, minor blemishes on your Blumenstein speaker cabinets can be easily repaired using this repair kit without needing to send your cabinets back into the workshop for a full repair job. 

If you are unsure whether or not a blemish can be removed with this kit, please contact me and I can help you assess the gravity of the damage.

Unsure of whether or not you're up to the task of repairing your cabinet?  

It's surprisingly easy and relatively quick if the damage to your cabinet is minor. The photos below show how a customer used the Cabinet touch-up kit to remove cat scratches from his Orca cabinets (click the images to enlarge).