Speaker Driver Replacement

Speaker Driver Replacement

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Price is for a single unit.  

Ships worldwide from Seattle, WA.

Raw driver units are non returnable once installed by the user.  

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If one or both of your speaker drivers somehow become damaged, then you can easily replace it yourself by ordering a new one(s) below.

Blumenstein speaker designs are all engineered to be user-serviceable and pleasurable to maintain with basic tools for decades to come.    

If you do not feel up to the task of replacing the driver yourself, then please call (206) 407-8439 or email info@blumensteinaudio.com for a personalized walkthrough on re-installation.

Alternative repair tip: 

If the little paper dome on (most any) speaker driver, from most any speaker is poked in, then a small wad of duct tape or other appropriate tape like gaffers tape or gorilla tape can be used to pull out the dent. It is helpful to get the wad adhered all the way to the bottom of the dent, using fresh tape for each pull. If the dent is very deep, it can be pulled out in stages like this. Once the circular shape of the paper dome is restored, then so too will the sound be restored to near original quality.