Wildlife Proof Speaker Grills

Wildlife Proof Speaker Grills

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Current status of speaker grilles is Orca or Marlin is in stock 1 week. Triton grilles are pre order 2 weeks.

Price is for two grilles which outfits one pair of speakers.

Ships worldwide from Seattle WA

60 day in-home audition, 1 year warranty

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I offer only one option for speaker grills for all models - the kind that won't let you down as protective grilles. Typical speaker grills are made of that cheesy pantyhose material and barely stay on the fronts of your speakers with magnetic attachment in those moments when you need near bulletproof protection the most.

Anyone who has actually used speakers in severe service circumstances (especially around wild pets and 2-3-year-old children) knows that you just can't skimp on heavy-duty protection.

These grills do require the removal/replacement of the driver screws to install, but not a removal of the driver itself from the cabinet.  Installation/removal can take place in under 5 minutes.

I often get asked whether or not the grills affect the sound. The answer is that yes the grills do affect the sound slightly, but nonetheless, your Blumenstein speakers will still sound wonderful with these grills installed. They’ll sound better than they will with dented cones… don’t skimp on protection!