Old Style Orca 3" Full Range

Old Style Orca 3" Full Range

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The Old Style Orca Speaker is a vintage take on the Orca design. These Orcas provide a similar, yet brighter and more musically forgiving sound quality. For many folks this model is ideal for unlocking the lowest listening levels because the frequency response acts as a short waveguide.

This model has been built and shipped to all 7 continents as of 2012, when a pair reached the Antarctica. This milestone also served as a form of homage to the discovery of the south pole 100 years prior. As with the construction of all Blumenstein products, the idea is that these will endure for centuries to come, and this pair will further the wood durability testing in one of the planet's harshest temperature and humidity climates.


  • Fostex 3” FE83sol driver, which is a limited edition paper cone driver

  • All natural, non toxic linseed oil finish

  • Your choice of ethically sourced bamboo plywood (natural, chocolate, or caramelized), maple, walnut, or fir plywood

  • Douglas Fir internal bracing and all natural damping technology


  • 6" x 8.5" x 11.5"

  • 8 ohms, 75hz-35khz

  • Efficiency: 92.5 dB.

  • Selection of any material will yield similar acoustical qualities

  • thinner wood options=bright, musical

  • thicker wood options=neutral, warm

  • Robust solid wood internal bracing structure similar to Marlin

Recommended Accessories

  • 2-7 WPC SET amplifiers, up to 15WPC digital amplifiers

  • 1 or 2 Benthic Subwoofer and subwoofer amplifier

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Old Style Orca Reviews

“Out of the box, the Orcas are elegance and simplicity defined. I own a caramelized pair, which look like sexy bamboo shoeboxes wearing nothing but drivers, brass bolts, and a Blumenstein stamp. But you want to hear about the sound. I've been listening to mine for just a few weeks, and the mid and bass ranges have just begun to blossom. Conventional wisdom says it takes 400 hours to break in a pair of speakers, but the Orcas dominated my room from the moment I plugged them into my stereo. The projection, body, and definition of the sound are impeccable. I make no claims to being a diehard audiophile, but the ability of these speakers to fill a room can't be beat. Whether you're taking a hard listen to a favorite album or chatting with friends under the umbrella of some mood-setting tunes, the Orcas deliver a rich, full listening experience regardless of the volume. My regret--and one I plan to rectify--is not purchasing the Orcas along with their companion subwoofer. The Orcas' bass capacity is quite impressive, but the subwoofer is nevertheless an important part of the package if you're serious about giving your speakers a commanding presence in your listening space.I can say with certainty that once you've spent a few hours un-learning your favorite albums over the Orcas, you'll feel the urge to see what more Blumenstein can do for you. Turns out that's a lot."

- Harrison B., Boise, ID