Rear-Mounted Orca 3" Full range Re-release Pair

Rear-Mounted Orca 3" Full range Re-release Pair


Honoring a decade of dedication to 3" paper cone full range drivers in wooden bass reflex enclosures.  

Now shipping an exciting new front ported enclosure design!! (12/2017)

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Back by popular demand, the Rear-Mounted Orca re-release is a nod to our original Orca design cue from 2006 which incorporates a single rear-mounted 3" full range driver.  Many legendary vintage loudspeakers use single rear-mounted full range drivers of any diameter.  The rear-mounting of our 3" full range serves as a short wave guide for the high frequencies, contributing to a tastefully "vintage" sound quality, just like the classics.  The strong mid-bass inherent to the Orca design makes all music pleasurable, and especially so with the Rear-Mounted Orca's sonic signature.

Rear-Mount Orcas built in this style were shipped all around the globe between 2006 and 2012, and are the speaker model that first got Blumenstein speakers on all 7 continents.  In 2012, we shipped a pair to Antarctica as a form of accelerated durability testing in the driest, toughest climate on earth for the survival of any woodwork, and also as a form of commemoration of the discovery of the south pole precisely 100 winters before, and also to bring awareness to the phenomenon of global warming.  Where will the south pole be in another 100 years?  Needless to say, these indestructible speakers should still be around in 100 years or so as we have yet to hear of any problems with the cabinet's durability in this or any other climate, including extreme humidity and heat.

While we are avid vintage audio collectors and enthusiasts, the rear-mount Orca re-release isn't solely for the sake of nostalgia - we have incorporated all of our new acoustic technologies including Solid Douglas Fir braces and our new acoustic damping materials.  We have also given them an updated air-sealing flange for the screw on rear panel as well as upgraded mounting screws, rubber washers, hardware and internal wire - making these some of the best bang-for-the-buck newly made full range speakers out there - and potentially even more durable than the original rear-mounted Orcas. 

Comparison to the 2016 Orca, Marlin, or Triton Fullrange - 

As a point of comparison, the Vintage Orcas (made in 3/8" Birch or 1/2" Bamboo plywood) will provide a similar sound quality to the new (surface mount) Orcas that we build in 3/4 inch plywood.  

The 3/4" plywood Orcas are still our most accurate, dynamic, "HiFi" version of the Orca, being the "concrete guitar."  And while the Marlins are popular near-field studio monitors, and the Tritons are commonly used for small bedroom stereo speakers all the way up to PA systems, every speaker model we make is engineered for pure enjoyment.  For many of our clients, the rear-mount Orca will be the ideal balance for lower listening levels.