Mainsheet Speaker Cable (one cable)

Mainsheet Speaker Cable (one cable)

from 47.00

New options!

Bare wire (copper litz) or gold plated banana plug terminations

Price is for a single cable. Order two pieces for a stereo pair.

Ships worldwide from Seattle, WA

I know how competitive the audio cable business is.  I guarantee excellent sound quality of these cables or your money back!

Also available in custom lengths, or in extra long lengths.  Email to inquire.

60 day in-home audition, 1 year warranty.

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Blumenstein Waterline cables

This is not a typical cable company.

Waterline cables are the culmination of over a decade of speaker cable production alongside loudspeaker construction.  Like Blumenstein loudspeakers, the cable designs are simple, minimalist, and deceptively subtle and detailed in construction to achieve the correct sound. The sound is clear like water.  

Waterline cables are "pro-audio meets audiophile" and by making them available direct sale only, the prices are reasonable.  I challenge my customers to compare my cables to other brands that can cost 3x as much and decide which ones they prefer.

The Mainsheet speaker cable Selected lengths is a studio-quality, conveniently ultra-flexible cable featuring indestructible banana plugs expertly hand assembled here in Seattle.  It is an ultra low resistance cable for maximum transfer of bass energy and the sound is totally smooth with Blumenstein speaker models or with speakers from other manufacturers.  


  • Historic 1960's design swiss professional studio monitor loudspeaker cable.

  • 13 gauge litz, ultra-high purity OFC copper wire

  • Ultra-flexible velvet matte non-light reflecting PVC jacket

  • Soldering is done with a professional USA made soldering iron and a careful, time-consuming soldering technique to assure the best connection quality possible

  • 60-day return policy, 1-year warranty