Component And Speaker Plinths

Component And Speaker Plinths

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Component plinths are simple Birch plywood or bamboo ply platforms, given adjustable spiked feet on the bottom, and small brass cups for those feet. I recommend the use of component plinths underneath a wide variety of audio components. For instance, it is a wonderful isolation platform for a single Benthic Bass Unit or multiple benthic bass units and full range speakers  stacked on top of each other like a modular floorstanding fullrange speaker. This stack, when sitting on top of a component plinth, will be able to keep a substantial amount of its collective bass energy decoupled from being lost into the floor.

Component plinths can also be used underneath a wide variety of other components and even turntables. For some components, like solid state or digital amplification or pre-amplification, it may be debatable if isolation matters very much to the sound, but many users report back that an isolation platform like mine does ever so slightly seem to enhance the sound quality of many mass-market audio components. For other devices, like turntables, component isolation and leveling can be crucial in certain circumstances and room placements or proximity to other furniture pieces.

Leveling your turntable is as easy as a single Blumenstein Audio component plinth going underneath your turntable, using a digital leveling app, (available for most smartphones), or a small leveling bubble (available at most hardware stores) to find when the plinth is perfectly perpendicular to the force of gravity. When your turntable is level, the vertical tracking force of the phono cartridge will also be perpendicular to the record.

For instance, a popular turntable like the ingeniously value engineered U-Turn Orbit design will probably sound great or even fantastic when simply placed on top of typical furniture in your house like the top of a dresser or in a bookcase. But, like many turntables, it does not come stock with leveling feet.  A single Blumenstein component plinth will allow the user to correct for this when the Orbit (or any other turntable) may not be sitting on a perfectly level surface. I've found that a perfectly level record player is simply critical to proper sound quality and functionality of the phono cartridge. Optimal sound quality = optimal record wear patterns too...  

Component plinths are also great for tube amplifiers, as they help reduce distortion from microphonics between the internal amplification elements of the tube (cathode grid, plate, glass, etc). So, when the tubes pick up fewer mechanical vibrations that are being generated by the speakers, transmitted through the floor (and air), then the sound becomes simply clearer, without any downside. just an inch and a half of extra height gets added to the component or speaker that is being put atop the plinth.