Marlin 3" Full-range Pair

Marlin 3" Full-range Pair


Price is for a pair.

Ships worldwide from Tacoma, WA.

Orders are pre-paid.  Please call or email us for a lead time estimate at the time you are ready to place your order.  

60-day in-home audition, 1-year warranty.

The Marlin is a fully redesigned Orca Mini, released for 2016.  The Marlin is now built out of 3/4" material and has a larger front-firing port.  

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  • 4" x 6" x 10"
  • 8 ohms, 90hz-35khz
  • Efficiency: 88 dB conservatively rated...
  • Price is for a pair
  • Extremely economical international shipping 
  • Selection of any material will yield nearly identical acoustical qualities due to internal bracing

Amplifier Power Recommended  

4-100 watts per channel typically.  Marlins can also be hooked up to a clean 200+ watts without a problem.  The efficient Marlin speakers will only need to use the first (and typically cleanest) few watts of those 100+ that might be* available - and the speakers will get quite loud before soft clipping occurs.