Orca 3" Full-range Pair

Orca 3" Full-range Pair

from 695.00

Orca Special (limited edition) is now available.  Orca Special drivers are distinguishable via the copper color driver frame.  We developed and are now shipping a special cabinet for them as well.  Get 'em while they last!

"Normal" Orcas (black frame driver) have gotten more amazing than ever with the new front port design. 

Orders now ship standard as front ported cabinets (unless otherwise requested) by default for either normal or special drivers.

Some rear-ported cabinets are still in stock and available in select finishes (Please leave us instructions in the "notes" field during checkout if you desire to be shipped the prior rear ported model instead of the new standard front ported model)

Price is for a pair.

Ships worldwide from Seattle, WA.

Orders are pre-paid.  Call or email for a lead time estimate at the time you are ready to place your order.

60-day in-home audition, 1-year warranty

Need help?  Feel free to call (206) 407 8439 for advice

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  • 6" x 8.5" x 11.25"

  • 8 ohms, 75hz-35khz

  • Efficiency: 89 dB.  Conservatively rated.

  • Price is for a pair

  • Economical international shipping

  • Selection of any material will yield nearly identical acoustical qualities due to internal bracing

Amplifier Power Recommended.

Orcas' beautiful tonality can be hooked up to any amplifier you can dream of.  Naturally, certain amplifiers will sound better than others and this doesn't always have to do with how much money you spend on the amplifier. 

As a general rule of thumb, between 2 watts and 100 watts per channel is typically recommended.  Yes, Orcas can most certainly be hooked up to a clean 100+ watts without a problem.  The efficient Orca speakers will only need to use the first (and typically cleanest) few watts of those 100+ watts that might be available.  Whatever power is on tap, Orcas are able to get quite loud before their soft clipping mode naturally engages.

*Note: The Orca is a completely redesigned "Orca Deluxe" released November 2015. The exterior looks very similar, but several important parts under the hood have changed.  

Note: All 2016 Orcas, including any currently on order, are outfitted with the full compliment of parts found in our Depth of Field Enhancement Kit, as well as other enhancements native to this speaker design. These components were 10 years in development as of January 2016, but are applicable to older Blumenstein models via the Kit found here.

Check out Newrecordday.com's review of the PS Audio Sprout using our Orcas!

On the Orca

Speaker Design Background
Orcas communicate the universal language of music in an unprecedentedly intelligible way.

Our most popular model in terms of sales, the Orca is named after a favorite local species of cetacean.  We have spotted local Orca pods numerous times and are involved on a grass roots level with marine mammal protection and local ecological research and habitat preservation. www.vashonorcas.org.  Our research and advocacy for the natural environment is because the mechanical structures and materials found in our own designs were inspired by observations taken as a musicologist, scientist, or engineer taken in pristine natural environments.  

Noise pollution is becoming an increasing issue in many modern living situations, and is also an issue for our local cetaceans (found in the waters of all 7 continents).  

What differentiates the Orcas from most other commercially available speaker designs is their "torque" that wakes up immediately.  Initially available to present accurately scaled dynamics at the lower volumes often needed to be respectful in an apartment.   Higher volumes are well covered by the upper volume limitations of the Orca design.  Every point of volume in between the orcas minimum and maximum is smoothly transitioned.  

Aesthetics of High Efficiency Speakers

Orcas make the most out of the power they are fed with the support of thick cabinet walls -internally braced with an interlocking arrangement of solid Douglas Fir braces. This stiff chassis provides excellent control, detailed upper bass, beautiful midrange, smooth imaging characteristics and clear, high frequencies from the inner paper cone.  The use of a single all-paper cone to cover even the highest frequencies imparts a sense of total ease and wholeness to the high frequency presentation that delivers pure pleasure.  These enclosures are almost the strongest for their weight in our entire lineup (second only to the Marlin).   

The juxtaposition of an extremely non-resonant, wicked stiff enclosure - against the delicacy and life of an all paper cone - gives the Orca a unique, and lovable way of reproducing music.  

Compared to our other Full Range Speaker models

Granted, the Triton is also an 8" all paper cone (supported by a super tweeter).  The Triton is a slightly more efficient loudspeaker that does make deeper bass and these are two very nice improvements to the Orca's presentation.  However, there are other factors that might be worth considering depending upon the specific circumstances in your unique listening environment, as follows:

Smaller Aperture = clearer depth of field

Because of physics, the Triton will never be able to image quite as sharply and well defined as a well tuned pair of Orcas.  In small listening spaces, you, or your guests/dance partners are more likely to be listening off axis.  Considering the fact that they is a large diameter fullrange, The Tritons are fantastic speakers off-axis because of our careful implimentation of a supertweeter.  However, the Orca, because it is a small diameter fullrange, is purposefully built in order to evenly spread high frequencies throughout the listening space.  

Louder than you'd think

It is worth considering that countless people are using their Orcas daily to fill any large room at medium to medium/high volume levels, small rooms at high volume levels, and even warehouses at low/medium volumes, with as little as 2-3 watts per channel.  Our clients have been pleased with the Orca because of its radical performance and its perfectly balanced sonic signature.  

Our favorite "deep field" lens into the music

Whenever you don't need to crank it, or analyze it, the Orcas are your natural choice for pure, laid back listening enjoyment.  Surprisingly, for most non-professionals, this is 95% of music listening is likely laid back or slightly casual.  If they were a car, the Orcas are the original luxury compact daily driver. 


The Orca's comfortable way of reproducing music is actually the original sound-design platform upon which we designed the sound quality and performance of both the Marlin and Thrasher variations.  While the Marlin is pure speed and neutrality to a greater degree, it is also more in focus and neutral.  While the Triton has the same slightly soft sonic signature as the Orca, it sized appropriately for the ultimate in power handling and raw efficiency, which slightly compromises its ability to image as truly holographically as the Orca does.  The Orca is the original Gentle Giant approach to a compact loudspeaker, and it is also the speaker design that planted Blumenstein's on all 7 continents.    Wether you go "Big" (Triton), "Original" (Orca), or "Monitor" (Marlin) is all up to you, and you are sure to enjoy any of them. 

Orcas speakers with Subwoofers

The Orca has a full sound and ample amount of bass on their own, or paired with the Benthic Bass Unit passive subwoofer and Outboard Subwoofer amplifier.  Good quality subwoofers from other manufacturer (for instance, that you may already own) will likely to be compatible with the Orcas as well.  We have found that in general, our clients get back to us letting us know that their Orcas, with or without subwoofers make them quite happy.  They play well with most other gear and let you get back to the more important task of exploring and enjoying your expanding music collection.

Orca 3" Full-range Pair
from 695.00
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