Octopus 4 Piece Series-Parallel Line Array Cable

Octopus 4 Piece Series-Parallel Line Array Cable


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Ships domestically and internationally. 

60 day in-home audition, 1 year warranty

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The Octopus 4 Piece Line Array Cable is a clean, high power, high fidelity series/parallel cable that allows you to hook up 4 speakers per channel at the same impedance as a single speaker with almost zero downside.   

An Octopus cable with 4 cabinets produces quadruple the efficiency of a single speaker.

For instance, the focused octal array of Triton 8" Fullrange is a favorite combination for a practically sized, yet extremely high efficiency and very good sounding stereo speaker system. It creates an enjoyable sound for either one person or one hundred people.      

Octopus cables can also be used with passive subwoofers for extreme efficiency, power handling, and utter accuracy in the bass region. The Benthic Bass Unit is an ideal candidate for use in bass arrays because of its profoundly compact size.


Subwoofer line arrays! (and other line arrays)

Octopus and Hydra have indeed run their tentacles throughout our design philosophy and there is no turning back.  Yes, there are floorstanding speakers out there with a little less cable spaghetti going on in the rear.   But consider that we simply would not chase the kind of raw physical acoustic efficiency we know is out there unless we were doing it with genuine integrity in terms of maintaining the same, but simply squared (octopus) or cubed (Hydra) acoustic and electrical functionality of our systems.  

Highest end audio systems employing Blumenstein speakers are modular arrangements of multiple woofer and/or full range driver arrangements.  Efficiently laid out series/parallel cables like the Octopus or Hydra really are the only option for networking multiple independant speaker or subwoofer cabinets with maximum connection efficiency.  

Fully decked out line array systems with our speaker enclosures and cables do add up in expense fairly quickly.  However, consider what exactly it is you are getting more of.  Multiple, separate cabinets are rarely available in the typical audio marketplace because it is considered to be "impractical."  Yet consider that each subwoofer or speaker driver gets is getting its own rock solid all wood organic enclosure that is mechanically isolated from the other speakers in the  electrical line array by use of simple damping/isolation feet for each cabinet.  

Typical Floorstanding speakers have each driver sharing the same exterior walls and perhaps even the same tuned space. This often means some sort of acoustic yuck is going on somewhere.  Shared wall, multi driver speakers do save on expense, and they seem easy and convenient enough to ship, when actually the opposite reality is the case, for instance, for local transportation in cars or international shipping, which favors smaller packages - in terms of postage cost and survival rates.

From our experience with running many different custom systems for live sound and professionally setting up stereos in people's homes for over a decade,  We have learned that it is actually the paradigm of several smaller loudspeaker enclosures that are fully separate from one another - and can be easily lifted up from sitting firmly atop of one another - that is actually the easiest kind of system to move around, add to, subtract from - and most easily pack into a variety of different vehicles, even human powered ones.

A basic floorstanding speaker can be set up with any of our fullrange speakers, for instance, by using either one or two Benthic Bass units underneath each full range speaker  Benthic Bass Units can be stood up on top of one another to hold an Orca or Marlin up to couch listening height, or laid down on their side, with Tritons sitting on top of the two (or 4) subwoofers.

Dual Mono Sub amplifiers: Dual mono subwoofer amplifiers (for two subwoofers) can be arranged by only plugging in one set of anchor chain cables into each right channel high level input of two Outboard woofer amplifiers.  

Using our fully modular expansion/upgrade path to increase the efficiency of your system - you can make a Blumenstein fullrange or subwoofer system that is as efficient as your wildest dreams.