Octopus 4x8" Full Range Pair

Octopus 4x8" Full Range Pair

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Price is for a pair.

Octopus weighs only 45 lbs/ea. 90 lbs/pr.

Ships worldwide from Seattle, WA.

60 day in-home audition, 1 year warranty

12 years in development.

A 9 inch deep, 22.5 inch wide, 29 inch tall “bookshelf” speaker that can get surprisingly loud. Certainly loud enough to be the main PA speaker at a small-medium sized rock concert.

Efficiency: 101db sensitivity. 250 watt RMS power handling yields a total of 120db maximum average SPL performance from 40hz up to 25 khz. Warm yet bright, with a music-first sound quality common to vintage loudspeaker designs. Bass from a pair of Octopus is prodigious on their own, and mates with a large subwoofer below 40hz perfectly to support the lowest tones found in electronic music.

Octopus are truly what you could consider to be original design loudspeakers. And after 16 years into my audio career, I feel that it is time that I begin sharing some of my innovations.

There has never been anything quite like the Octopus from any DIYer or larger audio corporation.

Attention to detail abounds both outside and inside the enclosure - Shop milled solid wood internal parts. Shortest length, lowest resistance paths of internal wiring make these speaker handle even more power than they look like they would. The tweeter is silky and smooth, yet with significantly more detail than any other speaker I make besides the Feastrex speakers. All these factors and more are what make the Blumenstein Octopus speakers so special in the full range speaker lineup.

The only parts of the speaker I could not make lightweight are the magnet structures, which use conventional large ferrite magnets, because I feel they offer better sound quality than neodymium which is the industry standard for PA systems. The magnets inside the Octopus account for over 20 lbs of the entire speaker weight alone. Meaning that the wooden cabinets are only around 20lbs ea.

Who are these speakers for? Anyone! Do you like loud music? Then you really need to hear these things!

The Octopus is pro audio PA, home studio, and home audio living room. But because these speakers are bigger, they carry all the capabilities of the Marlins, Orcas, and Tritons for range variety.

As a designer, I know that my personality - as well as my expertise as a musicologist and audio historian - is all showing in the sound of these speakers. After this much time, there are priorities I eqh6c place in music reproduction - Imaging, dynamics, liquidity, warmth, ample bass - the Octopus covers these bases better and in better balance than any other large scale speaker I’ve made to date.

I designed the internal bracing structure in collaboration with a local guild of luthiers (guitar makers). Trust me - you haven’t heard a speaker that sounds quite like this before. The solid wood bracing truly takes effect at this scale - giving the speaker it’s own “voice.”

Modern PA systems focus on cold accuracy. In the process of chasing that means to an end, the modern PA design paradigm forfeits the effort to be a logical extension of the musicians’ instruments.

Octopus evades a narrow definition because it is a portable PA system with delicate paper drivers, purist wiring practices, and a lightweight, fine finish cabinet.

Most other leading brands of PA systems are designing them to be like battle bunkers to survive in a noisy bar, rain and sun, or to handle death metal music at distortion inducing SPL’s. But the second you bring those ugly painted boxes inside to a wedding dance party for instance, and they quickly stand out as the ugliest pieces of furniture in the room… Not to mention the brash sound quality, which typically only comes alive at higher than comfortable volume levels.

The Octopus speakers, on the other hand, are beautiful pieces of furniture to begin with. The Octopus blends in visually with any decor much easier than the typical PA system. And then there is the warm sound quality - and easy of driving them - with any stereo receiver, all the way up to pro audio rack mount power amps. The Octopus is the PA system that people actually need.

Surprisingly compact profile - fits into any small car. The cabinet weight is only 45 lbs ea, and the bass reflex ports on each corner are like handles. This makes gigging or moving a cinch!

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The Octopus 4x8" Array is a high fidelity public address speaker design based on the Triton 8" full range and is the first ever regular production PA/large format speaker model from Blumenstein Audio.

The Octopus is the distillation of everything I know about PA speakers from my part-time career as a pro sound system operator since high school. Big sound, and I mean really big sound, can be absolutely beautiful if done correctly.

Typically, speakers with this wide of a baffle (29”!) are also about the same depth as their width. This turns most large format loudspeakers into washer dryer combo sized household appliances. The Octopus, however, is only 9 inches deep! It can sit in front of most house PA systems and will sound better than the house PA without ruffling the soundboard operator’s feathers.

You could also put a pair on a mantle or practically anywhere indoors or outdoors and it will still sound good and they will always be making almost too much bass. And when the gig is done it can slide into tight spaces during transportation.

An Octopus cabinet is actually 4 independently braced cabinets internally which isolates each driver into its own tuned chamber. This mathematically produces quadruple the efficiency of a single Triton speaker pair - and also has quadruple the power handling and bass output. It is the best of both worlds - high efficiency and wide dynamic range.

The frequency response of the Octopus is surprisingly even, leaning towards being a little extra generous, but evenly distributed in the bass department. 

The super tweeter is upgraded from the Triton design to a pro audio Eminence horn tweeter attenuated with an L-pad. The sound of this tweeter configuration, supported by a Solen capacitor is superb. The L-pad is barely needed as the four 8" full range drivers collectively approach the efficiency of the horn tweeter.

The Octopus speaker is geared towards two different consumer markets that are intrinsically united. To the audiophile crowd, a speaker like the Octopus requires no introduction. High Efficiency speaker enthusiasts of golden age equipment have always looked towards professional equipment from those times. Yet the Octopus is built to better specifications than the high efficiency speaker cabinets from the old days.

Overall, considered simply as a HiFi speaker (though it could get much louder if you need it to!), this is one of the most beautiful sounding speakers I have been able to develop in my career. The combination of efficiency and power handling in this design is an incredible space I welcome you to explore with capable amplification. Tube amplifiers, solid state, and digital amplifiers alike are all well suited to the Octopus. It will keep grasp of the music no matter what you throw at it.

If you've ever wondered what a real 101+db efficient speaker was like, one that makes absolutely prodigious bass with or without a subwoofer, then look no further than the Octopus PA/HiFi monsters.

They might seem large, but in actuality they are a magic trick of space saving in a speaker design. They really are a no nonsense 9” deep bookshelf speaker. The sound quality itself is a carefully formulated tribute to the same types of tonal character in the mids that comes from other classic high efficiency speaker designs from the first half of the 20th century. Yet the bass and treble clarity keeps up better with the needs of 21st century music than most vintage speakers.