Triton 8" Full-range Pair

Triton 8" Full-range Pair


Price is for a pair.

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  • 92dB (conservatively rated)
  • 8 ohm
  • Bass goes down to 45Hz, so they can be used with or without a subwoofer
  • Excellent with low wattage tube or higher wattage solid state amplification, and sound great at very low or extremely high volumes
  • Dimensions: 17" H x 13" W x 12" D
  • Price is for a pair
  • Economical international shipping
  • Selection of any material will yield nearly identical acoustical qualities due to internal bracing

Amplifier Power Recommended

 1 watt - 300 watts available per channel depending upon the desired kind of performance.   Low powered SET tube amplification will more than liven up your living room, and with higher power solid state and digital amplification technologies, Tritons will play all the way up to the levels needed for public address systems, live rock or even dub reggae music.  When networked in 4 pair arrays with Octopus cables or even 9 pair arrays with Hydra cables (custom ordered through email), Tritons do not lose pace, and will lay out a massively clean mix to satisfy large parties.  

*Note: The Triton is a completely redesigned Thrasher released November 2015.  The newly offered fine finish quality is now the same as the Orcas and Marlins, with upgrades to the voicing and tonality, along with significantly upgraded internal parts. 

All Tritons, including any currently on order, are outfitted with the full compliment of parts found in our Depth of Field Enhancement Kit, as well as other enhancements native to this speaker design. These components were 10 years in development as of January 2016, but are applicable to older Blumenstein models via the Kit found here.

On the Triton

Speaker Design Overview

Triton, messenger of the sea (of music), is adept at the refined, emotive playback of every musical style between classical music and hip-hop. They are versatile and warm, lush, smooth - not your typical unrefined-sounding modern speaker design.

They are perfect for use at low volumes or high volumes in your living room, garage shop, dance party, warehouse, back yard, outdoor party, small vocal PA, or stage monitors. Their lower bass cutoff means that you are less likely to desire a subwoofer (though our Benthic Bass Unit design does a phenomenal job of covering the narrow frequency region that the Tritons do not get to - below 45 Hz.)  

Performance at low volumes

While our 3" full range driver designs like the Orca and Marlin do have better imaging, dispersion, flatter frequency response, are more compact, one must also consider that all of our speakers, including the Triton, excel at low volume performance.  The Triton should be thought of as a speaker that sounds alot like an Orca that simply goes up to much higher volumes.

Full Range Driver and Super Tweeter Combo

The Triton's 8" full range drivers are being run without any signal filtration. The natural 8 octave range of the 8" paper cone full-range driver is subtly augmented for the last octave (10000 Hz and up) by a 1" ferrofluid cooled neodymium magnet super tweeter which is elegantly crossed with a single, high-quality capacitor.  The integration is perfect at low or high volumes.  The sound is smooth, detailed, organic, dynamic.  

The Triton is the best sounding large diameter full range design we have ever produced. We feel that it trumps our Mako 5" designs from two years ago and this is because we have continued to stay focused on iterative refinement to a design that kept coming back with positive feedback from our clientele.  Fans of the original Thrasher designs stayed in touch with us and kept pushing us to take that design further, and the Triton is the fulfillment of that quest. 

Recent Design Changes

 Various iterations of the Thrasher have been in continuous production since 2006 under the Blumenstein name, however, the history of the Thrasher goes back much further than that.  As a quick point of reference, the early Thrashers became known for their "skater punk" rough particle board finish but excellent sonics.  The Triton 8" Fullrange, on the other hand, is now only offered only in fine finish 3/4" Birch Plywood and Bamboo Ply with new solid wood internal bracing and numerous upgraded acoustic and electronic components.  The Thrasher was renamed the Triton because this past year, Clark rode the grueling P2P (Passport2Pain), STP (Seattle To Portland), and RSVP (Ride from Seattle To Vancouver and Party) bicycle rides on a locally manufactured RoeRacing Triton skateboard deck, designed by the local long distance skateboarding pioneer, advocate, and prior Guinness World Record holder in the 24 hour UltraSkate, James Peters, who himself is also a trumpet player in a few local jazz bands.  The deck has constrained layers of damping and bracing, which revamped Clark's notions of what the ideal layout for a speaker wall is by extension.  This eventually resulted in the 2016 suite of upgrades to the sonics of our speakers and accessories, which are carefully tuned with simple, in house made speaker parts for effective acoustic vibration management.  

The art of the 8" full range paper cone

The main drivers used in the Triton are still the same newly produced classics of a 40+ year old classic 8" paper cone full range driver design originally produced by Pioneer in the trillions.  Just kidding.  Millions.  During this time, many minor iterations of this 8" cone have been made over the years, and it is very easy to hear the cumulative refinement from persistent value engineering that comes through almost unbelievably so in the sound from such an otherwise simple looking full range driver.  We are also confident that our solid wood braced fine finished Birch Ply or Bamboo Ply Tritons are some of the finest sounding enclosures ever made for these 40+ year old classic full range drivers. 

The initial search for a speaker bigger than an Orca began in 2003

When Clark began apprenticing at Cain & Cain, there were many other promising big full range drivers out there.  Over the years, Clark has had a chance to own most (hundreds) of the different promising full range models from various manufacturers.  Often, there would be so much about the sound that he and his design team would initially love, but then eventually a wrinkle in the sound would come to light and then that would eventually become all we could hear.  For a variety of reasons, the Pioneer 8"s somehow continue to strike the ever elusive balance of always sounding good with any music - even Rap or Classical!  We have not found another large diameter fullrange driver that can claim this, and we think that alot of this may have to do with the Pioneer 8"'s prodigious historical production numbers.  

The Continued Search for Bigger is Better

In order to circle back around to something as humble as the Pioneers for our premier full size production loudspeaker release in 2015, we first had to try to find something better.   

Clark's personal library of single driver speakers:

By now, we have owned dozens and dozens of different 12", 10",9", 8", 7", 6.5", 6", 5", 4.5", and 4 inch full range drivers, from almost every price-point and from nearly every pertinent full range driver manufacturer domestic and abroad.  We typically tried out these drivers in more than one test enclosure of our own design, after building what the factory recommended. Eventually, we realized that we were going to get nowhere if we kept hopping on the band wagon and chasing after ever improving specification figures and ever more exotic construction and flavor-of-the-month design methodologies like most of our competitors do.

Pioneer 8"

Each time we kept circling back to the Pioneer 8" design we were able to tune them to ever higher levels of performance for the past 12 years, which has been incredibly gratifying to us as designers. The Pioneer's construction is so light and simple.  This greater strength/weight paradigm  found in the cone construction is also parallel to the direction that our cabinet designing/manufacturing methodology has taken over the years as well. And the most important trait - rarely for almost any 8" full range, the Triton driver does not sound too bright in the upper midrange.  This chameleon like, creamy midrange, gave us the ideal foundation upon which to dial in our super tweeter into a balance of nuance and additional transparency. 

The Feastrex Connection

When designing luxurious sounding full range speakers, it is good to have a long term musical benchmark.  Fortunately for us, we've had that ideal kind of collaboration with a higher end full range speaker driver company.  Feastrex drivers (>100x the price of the Pioneers) do use exotic materials.  They employ absolutely pure and entirely custom metallurgy, custom paper making, and skilled, low volume machining and assembly methods, that simply cannot be compared to the other so called "high end" full range driver companies out there using off the shelf magnets and high speed assembly line style production techniques.  Feastrex, on the other hand, takes a purely artisanal approach, and this has informed much of the direction we have taken our production (non-custom) loudspeaker brand in general, and especially so with the Triton.  

The Feastrex drivers constructed during Clark's apprenticeship to Feastrex in Japan 6 years ago have also been installed in several different cabinet iterations made by Blumenstein Audio, and have been thoroughly enjoyed, along with all the other Feastrex drivers that have come through our doors.  Feastrex drivers have been an undeniable influence on our production loudspeaker designs.

About our Feastrex custom loudspeakers: While we do not use Feastrex drivers in any of our regular production loudspeakers (we make Feastrex loudspeakers by custom order only, email to inquire), the Feastrex sonic signature and cultural influences from the Feastrex Team's quest for extreme clarity and transcendent beauty in sound reproduction has been steeped deeply into the rest of our lineup. 

Drafting The Lead Position

Speaking in terms of specifics, for several years now, we have been carefully voicing both our Orca and Triton designs to sound similar to the sonic signature of a Feastrex 5" full range driver, which we still feel to be the finest sounding single driver loudspeakers we have ever heard.  We made the adjustments to the sound of the Orcas and Tritons without resorting to any form of artificial filtration - we only modified the tonal balance of the sound of our speakers with better and better dimensions, parts changes, construction methods, bracing styles, etc).  (The Marlin's are voiced slightly more neutrally than Orcas or Tritons).  

The Cain & Cain Audio Connection  (Cain & Cain speakers are no longer in production).  

As it turns out, my first audio mentor Terry Cain actually had a pair of these 8" pioneer drivers as the shop HiFi speakers.  Even before I'd apprenticed with him, Terry had been a fan of these drivers a long time before that.  During the course of our listening to these drivers together during his lifetime, we both knew that there might be something in these drivers that had a little bit more than just "shop speaker" credentials.  

At Blumenstein Audio, as we kept listening around to what everyone else out there in the audio community was enjoying, and we just couldn't stop running into these popular Pioneer 8" drivers.  They have a devoted following beyond Terry Cain's work or my work with them, and for good reason.  What we've kept hearing from our clients is that the midrange out of our 8" full range design is strikingly beautiful once the cone is broken in.  

The Triton Sonic Signature

The Tritons are modeled after the Orca 3"s sonic signature.  As it follows, the high frequencies are completely non-fatiguing, yet well defined.  This rare earth neodymium magnet ferrofluid cooled 1" super tweeter is gently crossed over by a precision audio capacitor in order to cover the region above 10000 Hz.  We have iteratively voiced this super tweeter implementation across generations of Thrashers and early Tritons to melt seamlessly into the sound of the Pioneer 8" full range.  In order to do this, we now employ an application specific internal hookup wire and soldering technique for that tweeter that has been voiced over generations of prototypes and production models.   

Subwoofers with Tritons

While many might believe a speaker that responds as low as the Tritons would make a subwoofer unnecessary, (and for their own tastes in music, they might be right!).  We do feel that the Tritons benefit seamlessly from the Benthic Bass Units.  Making the combination of these two speaker models the ingredients for our ultimate full range audio system.  

The "Sandwich" Design of the sound aesthetic

The Triton's uniquely creamy midrange, just like that of the Orcas, comes in part from its delicate sounding, thin paper cone and suspension construction.  Yet, counterintuitively, this smooth quality in midrange also comes from its relatively "normal" ( i.e. not-exotic), ferrite magnet.  The creamy midrange from the 8" driver gets sandwiched between the incredible speed of both the Triton's own rare earth neodymium magnet super tweeter and also the rare earth neodymium magnet sound quality of the Benthic Bass Unit.  This effect of stretching the dynamic qualities of only the frequency extremes serves to increase the communicative power of the music coming from that smooth sounding 8" in a stealthy way that is indefinitely enjoyable.  Surely, the Triton/Benthic system is the best sounding full-size, full-frequency speaker system combination that we've ever come up with.

Public Address Systems

We haven't given up our public address roots and for our quest for the ultimate mega-sound system and true 100+db efficiency.  If you are planning on running 4 or 9 piece per channel arrays of the Triton (like we do sometimes), wired up Octopus or Hydra cables, then prepare for seismic activity!

Triton 8" Full-range Pair
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